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Artwork Guidelines

& Digital File Requirements

Artwork Guidelines   |   Data File Guidelines

definition: Any artwork that consists of pure black lines on pure a white background. Line art contains extremely crisp edges and no shades of gray or color.

definition: Dots Per Inch. A measure of the resolution of a printer, scanner, or monitor. It
refers to the number of dots in a one-inch line. The more dots per inch, the higher the resolution.

definition: Also referred to as bitmap images, these are images that are represented by a sequence of pixels (picture elements) or points, which when taken together, describe the display of an image on an output device.

definition: Images produced using mathematically generated points, lines and shapes. In addition, vector file can be resized and manipulated without losing resolution.

Raster image format
• Best for photos

Raster image format
• Allows transparency

Vector image fomat
• Good for logos/graphics

Portable Document Format
• Good for documents
(if editable)

Adobe Illustrator file
• Vector file

Photoshop Document file
• Raster file

Line-Art Logos

Must be black and white (“camera ready”) or be a crisp clean copy from a laser printer/copier (300 dpi min). It is also best if artwork is at least as large, if not larger than desired print size, which will let us scale the images accordingly without loss of quality.

Full Color/Grayscale Logos or Photos

Must be a crisp clean copy from a laser printer/copier (300 dpi min, 600 dpi suggested). When submitting full color photographs, they must be original prints. Inkjet printed copies of photos are rarely usable.


Acceptable Programs & Requirements

ILLUSTRATOR (.ai, .eps, .pdf) - All fonts must be converted to outlines and any linked images must also accompany the illustrator file. Preferred format

(.jpg, .eps, .tif, .psd) Black & White and Color raster art or photographs must be submitted at a minimum of 300dpi.

ADOBE InDESIGN (.indd) All linked images must also accompany the .indd file.

(.doc, . xls) - These files will be accepted for text only. Images must not be sent in this format.

File formats such as pub, .vcf, .dxf, .exe and .dat are unacceptable.

• Graphics/Images from the web are never acceptable. The resolution of a web image is 72dpi, much lower than our 300dpi minimums.

• Faxed artwork is never acceptable. ARTWORK may be submitted via email to : [email protected] or on:
CD-ROM • DVD • FTP site • Drop Box • Google Drive
(please e-mail us with link)

FTP Info:
In a browser window>ftp://award-guys.com/www>
Username: award0gucall for password
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